Tesla Lemon Law Claims

Tesla has dominated the electric vehicle market for years, and in 2021 that trend continued as its Model Y and Model S ranked number one and two in sales. But Tesla’s cars, prized for their futuristic technology, have always been plagued by build quality issues, software snafus and other serious problems.

Exacerbating the issue is Tesla’s overall lack of service infrastructure compared to other manufacturers. When a Tesla breaks, it can be hard for owners to get appointments at Tesla service centers or Tesla-approved shops. And worse, once a car is looked over, it can be weeks or months before the car is actually repaired as the company is often slow to deliver parts. That leaves drivers unable to properly drive the car they paid so much money to buy.

If you own (or lease) a Tesla that has been in to repair the same problem repeatedly but is still not fixed, you may be able to file a claim under California’s lemon law. Johnson & Buxton is a law firm dedicated to representing owners saddled with defective vehicles. We know the problems Tesla owners often face and have successfully obtained compensation for many California residents after their Teslas qualified as lemons.

Common Tesla Issues That Could Become Lemon Law Claims

Our attorneys have successfully represented Tesla drivers whose vehicles suffered assorted problems that couldn’t be repaired. Some frequently experienced complaints with Teslas include:

  • Autopilot problems: The Tesla Autopilot system has led to well-publicized crashes around the nation after the system failed to properly brake, turn or accelerate, often because the cars’ software gets confused by weather or road conditions.
  • Faulty batteries: Tesla vehicles use different battery packs for different applications, and while most are quite reliable some owners experience early degradation and inability to hold a charge, inability to fully charge, and other problems.
  • Battery cooling system: Faulty cooling tubes were installed in the Model S between 2012 and 2016. The lack of battery cooling increased the risk of fires. Tesla was aware of the issue yet kept selling the cars.
  • Suspension and transmission vibrations: Excessive noises and vibrations afflicted the suspension and transmissions on certain model years of the Tesla X100D, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, and Tesla Model S.
  • Touchscreen failures: Both the Model S and Model X were subject to government investigations over repeated issues with the cars’ touchscreens.
  • Backup camera: When a Tesla’s touchscreen fails on certain models, the backup camera fails as well.
  • Water leaks from the panoramic sunroof: The Model S in particular has a history of problems with its panoramic sunroof developing water leaks.
  • Wiring and electrical problems: Teslas and other EVs are subject to assorted bugs in the wiring and electrical systems. These are difficult to diagnose and repair properly. Some result in minor issue while others cause potentially serious safety and drivability concerns.

Possible Lemon Law Remedies for Tesla Drivers

California’s lemon law applies to new cars, certified preowned (CPO) used cars, non-CPO used cars that are still under warranty, and leased vehicles. The lemon law applies to Teslas and other EVs the same as it applies to any other vehicle.

You may have a valid lemon law claim if your Tesla has had the same problem repaired four times but is still broken (or two times if the issue is serious enough to cause death or injury). If your lemon law claim is successful, then you may be able to receive cash compensation or the manufacturer may be required to buy back the defective vehicle.

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