California Lemon Laws

California’s Lemon Law offers broad protections to auto consumers. We’ve outlined some of these below:

Favorable To Consumers

You may be eligible if the manufacturer is unable to remedy a defect after as few as two attempts. At least one of the attempts must occur during the warranty period.

Consumer Remedies:

If you prevail in your lemon law claim, the manufacturer can make restitution in several ways. In cases of misconduct, the manufacturer may even be ordered to pay you a civil penalty, which might be as much as three times the price you paid for the car. Options include:

  • Buyback
  • Cash offer
  • Vehicle replacement

What Types Of Vehicles Are Covered:

Q: Does the law apply to motor vehicles other than cars?

A: Yes. The law applies to all consumer products, including trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, motor homes, RVs, trailers, boats and watercraft.

Q: Does the law apply only to vehicles used for personal purposes?

A: No. Vehicles used for business purposes with a gross weight below 10,000 pounds may also qualify if there are five or fewer vehicles registered to the same person or business.

Q: What happens if the warranty runs out?

A: If the defect or recurring problem occurred while the warranty was still in effect, you may still have a claim. In fact, you can file a lemon law case up to four years after the warranty expires by mileage or years. You do not even have to own the car anymore to bring your claim.

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