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Many drivers in Orange County struggle with faulty vehicles without considering that they may be eligible for compensation under California’s Lemon Law.

Did you know that in many cases, a Lemon Law lawyer in Anaheim can help you present a strong claim even if your vehicle’s warranty has run out? Were you aware that the Lemon Law applies not only to cars but also to motorcycles, boats, and motor homes?

Johnson & Buxton, the Lemon Law Guys, explain how Lemon Law works in California and what you may expect if your vehicle is a lemon.

Lemon Law in California: An Overview

The Lemon Law in California, officially the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects people who have leased or purchased a defective vehicle. If the vehicle has issues that the dealership has failed to fix within several attempts, the owner may be entitled to restitution in the form of a buyback, cash offer, or comparable replacement vehicle.

A vehicle owner may qualify for compensation under California’s Lemon Laws if:

·        The vehicle has a recurring issue that impairs its full functionality, presents a safety threat, or significantly decreases its value

·        An authorized manufacturer or auto dealer has failed to repair the issue after a reasonable number of attempts

·        The vehicle’s warranty is still valid or was valid when the issue first appeared

The state’s Lemon Law applies to vehicles that have either a manufacturer’s original warranty or a certified preowned one in effect. However, if the defect or problem first came to light when the warranty was valid and the warranty has run out since, you may still have a claim. You may file a Lemon Law claim within four years of the warranty’s expiration, even if you no longer own the vehicle.

It’s important to know that the California Lemon Law applies not only to private cars but also to commercial vehicles. A commercial car or truck can qualify for compensation if it weighs under 10,000 pounds and if no more than five vehicles are registered under the same business.

GM and GMC Lemon Law Claims

To date, General Motors and its four brands—GMC, Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet—hold the biggest share of the auto market in the United States. Unfortunately, GM vehicles often have quality issues, including defective engines, electrical components, and transmissions. A large portion of the Lemon Law claims in California comes from GM vehicle owners.

GM Lemon Law claims often arise from problems such as:

·        Engine problems (e.g., timing chain issues or excessive oil consumption)

·        Defective transmissions (e.g., flare-ups, fluid leaks, and gear lockouts)

·        Hazardous anti-lock brake system issues (e.g., locking up or dragging)

GMC Lemon Law claims focus on SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. These larger vehicles likewise often suffer from engine failures, electrical issues, and transmission problems.

What Compensation May I Expect if I Win?

If you win your Lemon Law claim, you may choose either a refund or a replacement vehicle from the manufacturer. The manufacturer would also have to pay all legal fees and attorneys’ fees.

In case you choose reimbursement, you may expect the manufacturer to compensate you for:

·        Repair costs

·        Vehicle down payment and monthly payments

·        Loss of use

·        Registration fees and taxes

·        Incidental expenses (e.g., the cost of renting a replacement vehicle)

·        The time you spent dealing with your vehicle’s issues

If a California court finds the auto manufacturer guilty of misconduct, they may even have to pay a civil penalty as high as three times the vehicle’s price.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

True to our name, the Lemon Law Guys, we devote 100% of our practice to helping consumers in Anaheim and Orange County receive compensation for their faulty vehicles. Our Anaheim Lemon Law attorneys used to work with auto manufacturers, deflecting Lemon Law claims. Now we leverage our experience and industry knowledge to protect consumers.

Our legal team can help you:

·        Understand your options under California Lemon Law

·        Evaluate your case and estimate your chances of obtaining compensation

·        Collect evidence, present a powerful case, and reach a fair settlement

Our law firm has helped hundreds of clients obtain compensation for a faulty vehicle. We handle claims against major auto manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Nissan, and Tesla.

Johnson & Buxton: Anaheim Law Firm For Lemon Law Cases

Are you tired of being stuck with a defective vehicle? Is your car dealership unable to fix a recurring problem? You may be entitled to reimbursement under California Lemon Law regulations.

If you consider filing a Lemon Law claim, hire a seasoned Anaheim Lemon Law lawyer to maximize your chances of winning. Johnson & Buxton has a stellar track record of helping clients in Anaheim and across Orange County obtain compensation for their faulty vehicles.

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