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Have you lost countless dollars and days trying to fix a vehicle that just won’t work? If so, your car might be considered a “lemon” under the California Lemon Law. Formally known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the Lemon Law protects you from costly expenses associated with faulty or malfunctioning vehicles.

Johnson & Buxton’s team of skilled attorneys in Long Beach, CA, focuses only on Lemon Law cases. After spending years defending manufacturers from these kinds of cases, we have taken that experience and turned the tables. Now, we work for you. The Lemon Law Guys know all of the ins and outs of lemon legality, and we know exactly what it takes to get you properly compensated.

Getting a New Car with California’s Lemon Law

When approaching your Lemon Law case, you can ask the manufacturer to cover your costs and losses by buying back your vehicle or seek to have the manufacturer provide you with a replacement for the faulty vehicle. Suppose you decide that you’d like your manufacturer to provide you with a new car. In that case, California’s Lemon Law stipulates that the new car be identical to your previous vehicle.

The new vehicle should also come with a new warranty, just as if you had just purchased it. The existing contract from your malfunctioning car will have no impact on the replacement vehicle. The Lemon Law also covers all fees associated with the replacement vehicle, including taxes, license fees, and registration fees.

In addition to a replacement vehicle, you may receive reimbursement for repair costs, towing services, and any other expenses that you took on due to your car or truck not working. Our team is well versed in cases against all major vehicle manufacturers, including General Motors, GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Tesla, and more. If you have severe issues with your car or truck, don’t hesitate to contact The Lemon Law Guys for your free consultation. Give us a call at 805-870-8449 to get started.

Trusted Lemon Law Services in Long Beach

Los Angeles Lemon Law lawyers are here to serve you, and at Johnson & Buxton, you are our top priority. We don’t succeed without making sure that you do. Neither do you incur any fees when you hire the Lemon Law Guys. If we win your Lemon Law case in California, the manufacturer must cover all of our fees and expenses. The money that we receive doesn’t affect your recovery amount, either.

You can choose to represent yourself in your claim against your vehicle’s manufacturer or the dealership where you bought it. However, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, retaining the services of a skilled Lemon Law attorney in Long Beach can make all the difference. At Johnson & Buxton, we dedicate our efforts to winning Lemon Law cases.

Derek Johnson and Jon Buxton have over 20 years of experience working on Lemon Law cases. After gaining knowledge and skill defending major auto brands like GMC and Toyota in Lemon Law cases, now we’re putting all of that wisdom toward protecting you, the consumer.

Your vehicle could be a lemon if you’ve had to take measures to get it fixed or repaired multiple times or if your dealer has spent over 30 days servicing it. During your free consultation, we’ll go over the merits of your case and help you determine whether your car is a “lemon” and whether you’re entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Whether you use your vehicle for personal or professional reasons, you could benefit from a lemon lawsuit if you believe you have a “lemon” on your hands.

The Johnson & Buxton Difference

Owing to our background, the Lemon Law Guys at Johnson & Buxton can anticipate the defenses of your manufacturer and think outside the box to see that you receive appropriate compensation. In the state of California, you have up to four years after your warranty has expired by milage or years to file a claim regarding your faulty vehicle.

Give us a call at 805-870-8449 to schedule your free initial consultation. We handle cases throughout Long Beach and Southern California. If we win your Lemon Law case, your manufacturer may repay you in several ways, including buyback, cash offers, or vehicle replacement. In the event of misconduct, you could receive up to triple what you initially paid for your vehicle.

Contact our talented team at Johnson & Buxton to get started on your lemon lawsuit. With our specialized knowledge, we can quickly analyze and identify whether we’ll be able to settle your case quickly and effectively. If you think your malfunctioning vehicle might be covered under the Lemon Law, reach out to the Lemon Law Guys today.

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