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Are you a Riverside resident dealing with a damaged or malfunctioning vehicle? Under California Lemon Law, you may be entitled to compensation if your car fails to meet standards of quality.

The California Lemon Law, officially known as the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, applies to a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, trailers, and boats. In some cases, consumers can win a claim even if the manufacturer’s warranty has run out and even if they no longer own the defective vehicle.

Johnson & Buxton explains how a Lemon Law attorney in Riverside can help if you purchased or leased a faulty vehicle.

Lemon Law in California: How It Works

Since its enactment in 1970, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act has undergone several changes to remove loopholes and provide better protection to consumers. Today, the California Lemon Law serves as a legal safety net for people struggling with their leased or purchased “lemons”—i.e., defective cars.

In valid Lemon Law cases, the manufacturer may have to issue compensation to the consumer as a cash offer, buyback, or replacement vehicle.

You may be eligible for compensation under the Golden State’s Lemon Law if:

·        Your vehicle has a stubborn issue that presents a significant personal injury hazard, impairs the vehicle’s functionality, or considerably decreases its value

·        A qualified auto dealer has tried to address the issue but failed to do so within a reasonable number of attempts

·        The vehicle’s original warranty is still in effect or was in effect at the time the issue appeared

Some consumers mistakenly think that once the warranty runs out, filing a claim would be futile. If you first noticed and documented the problem while the warranty was valid, you may file a claim within four years after the warranty expires, whether or not you still own the faulty car.

The California Lemon Law extends not just to private vehicles but also to business cars and trucks. A commercial vehicle may be eligible for compensation provided that it weighs 10,000 pounds or less and that the business has registered five or fewer vehicles under its name.

GM and GMC Lemon Law Claims

General Motors and its four brands—Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC—currently hold the largest share of the U.S. motor vehicle market. Lamentably, many GM vehicles present various quality issues such as engine defects, faulty transmissions, and malfunctioning electrical components. GM cars account for a large share of California’s Lemon Law claims.

Some vehicle issues that may lead to Lemon Law claims include:

·        Engine issues (e.g., poor lubrication or timing chain issues)

·        Electrical system issues involving the headlights, taillights, or infotainment systems

·        Turbocharger issues (e.g., variable valve timing problems)

GMC Lemon Law claims involve larger vehicles like crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. These types of vehicles frequently exhibit transmission failures, excessive oil consumption, and electrical issues.

What Happens if I Win My Lemon Law Case?

If a California court approves your Lemon Law claim, you may choose compensation from the auto manufacturer in the form of a full refund or a comparable replacement vehicle. Additionally, the manufacturer would be required to cover all attorney fees and legal costs.

Reimbursement for a defective vehicle may include:

·        Full vehicle costs

·        Vehicle repair expenses

·        Loss of vehicle use

·        Taxes and registration fees

·        The time you lost attempting to repair the vehicle

·        Other expenses, such as renting a different vehicle because you couldn’t use the one you leased or purchased

In California, an auto manufacturer must issue a refund or replace the damaged vehicle within 30 days of the court’s verdict. If a manufacturer fails to comply with the court’s orders, they may face heavy penalties.

Why You Need a Riverside Lemon Law Attorney

As the Lemon Law Guys, we established Johnson & Buxton to help consumers in Riverside and across Southern California obtain compensation for damaged and malfunctioning vehicles. Our Riverside Lemon Law attorneys used to represent auto manufacturers in Lemon Law claims. Today, we harness our industry knowledge and expertise to protect consumer rights.

The law firm of Johnson & Buxton can help you:

·        Understand your rights and legal options

·        Evaluate your odds of winning the case

·        Negotiate with the manufacturer and achieve a fair settlement

Hundreds of clients across Southern California have chosen Johnson & Buxton to represent their Lemon Law cases. We deal with claims against leading auto manufacturers like GM, Nissan, Ford, and Tesla.

Johnson & Buxton: Riverside Lemon Law Lawyers

Does your vehicle keep breaking down? Are you tired of wasting money, time, and energy on repairs? You may qualify for compensation under California’s Lemon Law.

Our experienced Riverside Lemon Law lawyers can help you file a claim, present a powerful case, and protect your consumer rights. Call our law office at 805-870-8449 today for a free case evaluation by a Lemon Law attorney in Riverside.

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