Do I Qualify?

Many people mistakenly think that lemon laws require three or more repair attempts during the first year of ownership. Each law sets its own requirements.

Fortunately, California’s lemon law provides some of the broadest protections to auto consumers in the nation.

Time Limit:

Q: Is there a one-year time limit for bringing a claim?

  • A: No. In California, you have up to four years after the warranty expires by mileage or years to file a claim.

Repair History:

Q: How does California law define a reasonable number of attempted repairs?

  • A: Your car may be considered a lemon if you bring it to the dealer as few as two times for repair of a defect. One of those times must be within the warranty period.

Q: Can a dealer take as long as it wants to fix my car while it is under the manufacturer’s warrant?

  • A: No. California’s lemon law may presume that your car is a lemon if it has been serviced for more than 30 days, consecutive or not.

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