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If you’re seeking compensation under California’s lemon law, your first call should be to an Ontario, California, lemon law attorney who can determine whether you have a case. Even if you no longer own your vehicle, you can still seek compensation under the California lemon law if you qualify. You could receive a cash refund, replacement vehicle, or a buyback offer.

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At Johnson & Buxton in Ontario, CA, we’re affectionately known as “The Lemon Law Guys” because of our expertise and skill in lemon case law. With over 20 years of experience and a passion for helping the community here in the beautiful gateway to Southern California, we’re ready to help you determine whether your defective vehicle could qualify under the lemon law.

If you’re worried that you can’t afford an attorney to take your case, we have good news: California’s lemon law has a caveat requiring automakers to pay for all of your legal fees, even if you don’t win your case. Call Johnson and Buxton now at 805-870-8732 to request your free consultation with our experienced lemon law attorneys in Ontario, CA.

California’s Lemon Law: The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

Officially known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (SBCWA), California’s lemon law protects consumers who have purchased or leased a defective or consistently malfunctioning vehicle, informally known as a “lemon.” If you have a valid claim under this law, your vehicle’s manufacturer must pay your legal fees in full and provide you with either a cash refund, buyback offer, or a replacement vehicle.

Although the SBCWA dates back to 1970, lawmakers have revised the terms many times over the years to provide comprehensive protection to the consumer and remove any loopholes that auto manufacturers could exploit.

Filing a claim under this law is an excellent way to recoup the financial losses that can result from trying to repair a vehicle that continuously breaks down. First, however, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced Ontario lemon law attorney to help you make your case.

What Are the Terms and Conditions of California’s Lemon Law?

California’s lemon law has a variety of terms and conditions. If you finish reading this article and you’re still unsure about whether your vehicle qualifies under this act, call us at The Lemon Law Guys. We can quickly determine whether you have a valid claim, and we also offer free consultations.

You could seek compensation under California’s SBCWA if you meet these qualifications:

●        Your motor vehicle has one or multiple problems that are resistant to being fixed, pose a considerable risk to your safety, impair its performance, and reduce the resale value significantly

●        A qualified mechanic or dealer has tried and failed to address and fix the problem within a reasonable number of tries (over 30 days in the shop)

●        When the issue first appeared, the original manufacturer’s warranty was valid (or is currently still valid)

Even if the original warranty on your vehicle has expired, you may still be eligible to file a claim. However, at least one of the repair attempts must have occurred while the manufacturer’s warranty was still in effect, and it must be less than four years since the policy expired. Even if you have already sold the car, you can still make a legal claim if you have the proper documentation.

What Types of Vehicles and Manufacturers Are Eligible?

Every domestic and foreign auto manufacturer is subject to California’s lemon law. Here is the list of motor vehicles that are eligible under this law:

●        Cars

●        Trucks

●        Crossovers

●        SUVs

●        Motorcycles

●        Boats

●        Vans

●        Scooters

●        RVs

●        Motorhomes

●        Watercraft

What Type of Compensation Can a Lemon Law Attorney in Ontario, California, Seek on Your Behalf?

If you have competent legal representation and ultimately win your case, you’ll have to choose the type of compensation you wish to receive. Here are some of the financial losses for which you can seek reimbursement:

●        Repair costs

●        Full vehicle replacement

●        Registration and tax fees                                                                                               

●        Initial down payment

●        The time you lost trying to repair the vehicle

●        Loss of vehicle use

●        Monthly payments

●        Incidental expenses (i.e., paying for a rental or tow)

●        Attorney’s fees

California Lemon Law Attorney with 20 Years of Experience in Ontario

With our extensive experience helping the Ontario community seek compensation for their defective vehicles, the lemon law attorneys at Johnson and Buxton should be your first call if you want to file a claim. We know how to cut through the red tape of a complicated lemon law case, extracting the most pertinent details that will benefit your case.

If you’re still unsure whether you have a valid claim under this law, we can help. When you need an Ontario lemon law attorney that you can rely on to handle your case successfully, look no further than The Lemon Law Guys.

Call us at Johnson & Buxton today at 805-870-8732 to request a free consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable California lemon law lawyer.

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