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When you need the legal representation of a qualified lemon law lawyer in Corona, CA, the law firm of Johnson and Buxton should be your first choice. We have over 20 years of experience handling California lemon law cases for vehicle manufacturers, giving us a unique perspective and skill set we now use for our consumer clients in the thriving agricultural community of Corona and throughout the Inland Empire.

Under the lemon law, if the car you purchased or leased has significant and unrepairable issues, you may have a valid claim for reimbursement.

Corona, CA, Lemon Law Attorney: Johnson & Buxton

At Johnson and Buxton, we handle so many lemon law cases that we’re affectionately known as “The Lemon Law Guys” by our clients. We understand how frustrating it is to add up all the time and money you lost at the dealership and on repair bills trying to fix your vehicle. However, if you seek compensation for your lemon and win, you could recoup your financial and incidental losses through a cash refund, buyback offer, or even a new car.

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Ask a Corona Lemon Law Attorney: What Is California’s Lemon Law?

California’s “lemon law,” officially known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (SBCWA), protects consumers who have purchased or leased a faulty or defective vehicle. It applies to cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, vans, motorcycles, RVs, watercraft, and all major vehicle manufacturers.

So, what qualifies as a lemon under the SBCWA? Here are the requirements:

●        A vehicle that you purchased or leased has one or more issues, which must present a high risk of injury to you as the driver, impair its function, or reduce its resale value considerably

●        The original manufacturer’s warranty was valid when the issue first appeared or is still currently valid

●        A licensed mechanic or dealership could not fix the problem within a reasonable number of tries

Many people falsely believe that they won’t have a claim once their warranty expires. However, as long as you brought the vehicle to a mechanic at least once to repair the original problem while the manufacturer’s warranty was valid, you’re still eligible. You have four years after it expires to file a claim, even if you don’t own the vehicle anymore. However, you would need clear documentation of the vehicle’s issues in order to move forward with your case.

How Can a Corona Lemon Law Lawyer Help with Your Case?

After you hire an experienced lemon law lawyer in Corona, CA, you can have peace of mind that they’ll handle every aspect of your case. Under California lemon law, you can seek compensation for the losses you suffered trying to repair an unrepairable vehicle, both financial and otherwise. Here is a list of eligible losses that a lemon law attorney can help you recover from the vehicle manufacturer:

●        Full vehicle replacement

●        Mechanic repair bills

●        Loss of vehicle use

●        Time lost to ineffective repairs

●        Taxes and registration fees

●        Incidental expenses (like rental or towing fees)

●        Your down payment

●        Monthly payments

●        Attorney’s fees

In addition to helping you recoup your losses, a qualified lemon law attorney can also help your case in other ways:

Sound Legal Advice: With our 20 years of experience, we provide every client with sound legal advice and representation for their case, no matter how simple or complex.

Honesty and Integrity: At Johnson and Buxton, we believe in a transparent process for our clients. We’ll quickly determine whether you have a valid claim, advise you of all your legal rights and how to proceed, and act as your staunch legal advocate every step of the way.

Quicker Process: If you want a settlement, we’ll do everything in our power to avoid taking your case to court. In some instances, you could see a settlement in a matter of months, although we can’t make any promises.

Aggressive Legal Representation: If your case does go to court, we’ll be there right by your side, fighting relentlessly to achieve a favorable outcome. While we provide aggressive representation on your behalf against vehicle manufacturers, you’ll also receive exceptional service with a personal touch.

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When you need a lemon law lawyer in Corona, CA, The Lemon Law Guys offer qualified legal representation. If you purchased or leased a defective car (new or used), you can seek compensation from the automaker for a vehicle replacement or a refund of your financial losses.

You’ve been through enough stress dealing with a defective vehicle and spending money on expensive repairs that didn’t work. Don’t take a chance with a law firm that doesn’t have the experience or time to win your case or make you a priority. Instead, call our professionals at Johnson and Buxton today at 805-870-8732 to schedule your free consultation.

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