Cadillac Escalade Lemon Law Claims

The Cadillac Escalade has been one of the biggest names in luxury consumer vehicles in the US for years. A fully kitted-out Escalade can cost more than $101,000 brand new, and many owners are eager to pay that price for some of the top-of-the-line features the full-size SUVs include. The Escalade is advertised as being made with “obsessive craftsmanship.” It has premium features such as genuine leather and wood finishes, a built-in refrigerator, and a curved OLED control display.

All of these features (and their associated cost) make it all the more disappointing when these cars suffer from manufacturer defects. In the past several years, Escalades have been recalled for problems ranging from airbag problems to fire risks. If you own an Escalade that’s at risk of some of these issues, you have every right to expect Cadillac to make it right and honor your SUV’s warranty.

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History of Cadillac Escalade Recalls

If you’ve bought an Escalade in the past several years, you must understand the recalls these vehicles have faced. Here are the most dangerous that have prompted recalls for these SUVs and what you should watch out for.

2021 Escalade Recalls

The 2021 year model has seen some of the most significant recalls of any recent Cadillac vehicle. Some of the worst recalls for the model include:

  • Airbag Warning Malfunction (285,622 vehicles affected): The airbag dashboard warning light may light up inconsistently, lighting up when there’s no problem or failing to light when there is an issue. This malfunction puts drivers at risk, potentially failing to warn them if their airbag has malfunctioned and causing them to get seriously injured in a crash.
  • Damaged Seat Belts (94,641 vehicles affected): The folding third-row seats of 2021 Escalades may damage the associated seatbelts due to improper routing through the seats. The damage could cause passengers in these seats to get seriously injured if the SUV crashes.
  • Loss of Power Steering Assist (26,847 vehicles affected): A software glitch may cause affected 2021 Escalades to lose power steering randomly. The glitch can occur when the car starts or while it’s in motion. Either problem can make it significantly harder for the driver to steer the vehicle and react to dangerous road conditions, potentially causing crashes.
  • Potential Fuel Pump Failure (14,939 vehicles affected): A faulty control module in 2021 Escalades may cause the fuel pump to fail or falter during operation. Either problem can lead to engine stalls by flooding or starving the engine of fuel. Engine stalls can cause the car to lose motive power at high speeds, making crashes more likely.

2020 Escalade Recalls

In 2020, Escalades saw a variety of issues, with two of the most alarming being:

  • Potential Dramatic Tire Failures (33,838 vehicles affected): Many GM vehicles, including 2020 Escalades, were equipped with overcured tires that pose a risk of sudden, dramatic failures. The side walls may crack or even cause the tread to separate from the rim entirely, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator Fire Risk (502 vehicles affected): A small number of 2020 Escalades may have been produced without a critical pressure regulator, allowing the fuel system to be over-pressurized and potentially leading to leaks and engine fires.

2018-2019 Escalade Recalls

Moving back further, 2018 and 2019 Escalades were more reliable, seeing just one recall:

  • Faulty Power Brake Assist (14,620 vehicles affected): SUVs with specific V8 engines may have faulty mechanical vacuum pumps. These pumps are responsible for providing mechanical brake assistance. The faulty pumps may cause the power brake system to stop functioning and make it more difficult for drivers to stop in emergencies.

2017 Escalade Recalls

The 2017 year models had two significant issues. One was a recall for a similar power brake assist problem as the 2018 model, and the other was:

  • Front Airbag Failures (3,640,162 vehicles affected): The front airbags and seatbelt pretensioners may fail to deploy in a crash. These are two of the most crucial protective measures for drivers and front-seat passengers. Without them, the driver and passenger could be seriously injured or killed in a crash.

Is Your Cadillac Escalade a Lemon?

Even if your vehicle was repaired for one of these warranty issues, it might still be a lemon. California warranty law defines lemons as vehicles that:

  • Have a manufacturing defect that affects their value, performance, or utility; and
  • Demonstrated that issue within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of purchase; and
  • Have not been repaired after the manufacturer made two attempts to fix deadly issues or four attempts to fix non-deadly defects; or
  • Have been in the shop for more than 30 days to fix warranty issues within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of ownership

If your Escalade has been recalled or has another warranty issue and keeps cropping up after getting repaired, it may be a lemon. You can learn more about whether your vehicle qualifies by taking our quick quiz.

Get Help with Your Defective Cadillac Escalade

If you have a recent year model of Cadillac Escalade that keeps going to the shop to repair defects, you need help. You may be eligible to file a lemon law claim to receive compensation for the time and money you’ve spent on your defective SUV.

Call Johnson & Buxton – The Lemon Law Guys to learn more about what to do if your Cadillac is defective. Our experienced Southern California lemon law attorneys can discuss your options and help you determine if your Cadillac qualifies as a lemon in California. Schedule your free consultation by calling our Ventura office at 866-761-2317 or completing this online form.

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