Ford Mach-Es Recalled for Dangerous Half Shafts

Ford Mach-Es Recalled for Dangerous Half Shafts

The Mustang Mach-E was heralded as a groundbreaking addition to the electric vehicle landscape. However, the model line has faced several severe recalls in the past year. The most recent affects more than 1100 2022 Mach-Es with potentially faulty rear half shafts.

These half shafts may not be built to spec, with bottom walls that were too thin for safety. This could cause them to fail under normal operating conditions. According to Ford, these half shafts were produced by a Tier 2 supplier, which was suffering a labor shortage. Due to the deficit, the supplier halted inspections on the affected bottom wall of the half shafts, which allowed faulty parts to be delivered to the Ford plant where the affected Mach-Es were built. 

The defect was found by chance when plant workers noticed the flaw in two separate vehicles during an inspection. This led to a broader investigation and the discovery that more than a thousand of the luxury electric vehicles may have the same issue. The flaw hasn’t led to known accidents or injuries yet, but Ford issued the recall due to the potential severity of half shaft failures. 

The entire incident highlights the quality problems Ford has faced in recent years. Combined with previous recalls, it may make Mach-E owners wary about the manufacturing quality of their cars. If you’re concerned about your 2022 Mach-E, here’s what you need to know about this new recall, its risks, and how to repair your car if the problem occurs.

The Risks of Faulty Half Shafts

A half shaft is part of a car’s axle. It extends from the midline of the vehicle to the wheel it drives. The shaft causes the wheel to turn when the car is in motion and slows the wheel when the brakes are applied. However, this relies on the shaft being firmly connected to the wheel. Should it break, it no longer has any ability to speed up or slow down the associated wheel. As a result, that wheel is no longer under the driver’s control.

That makes faulty half shafts very dangerous. If the half shaft breaks while you’re driving your Mach-E, you lose control over as much as half of your car’s propulsion. Mustang Mach-Es come in rear-wheel and all-wheel drives, so the back wheels are critical for maintaining speed when in motion. With no axle to make it rotate, the rear wheel will slow down and cause your car to unexpectedly pull to the right, potentially leading to accidents. 

The lack of control can also make it challenging to slow down safely. The affected wheel will continue to rotate even if you hit the brakes, so it could push you to the left if you try to stop suddenly. This could make it much harder to safely get to the side of the road after the shaft fails.

A faulty half shaft is also unsafe when your car is parked. These shafts may fail even if the vehicle isn’t moving. If so, the affected wheel could move despite the car being in park, potentially causing accidents and injuries. Ford has specifically recommended that owners of affected vehicles use the parking brake, which isn’t dependent on the shaft, as a precaution to prevent unintended motion when the car isn’t in use. 

Signs Your Car May Be at Risk

According to Ford’s announcement, a half shaft failure is not noticeable in advance. Unlike other critical components, there are no concerning noises, rumblings, or smells that could alert you that your car is about to suffer a catastrophic failure. If the casing breaks, it will cause the car to lose drive or brake power with no warning. 

The best way to tell if your car may be at risk is to wait to receive a letter from Ford on the subject. If you’ve already received a notification through FordPass or in the mail, your Mach-E could have this critical structural flaw. 

If you haven’t received a letter but are still concerned, you can also check your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. You’ll receive a complete list of all recalls affecting your vehicle, so you know whether you need to take action. 

How to Get Your Ford Repaired

If you find out that your 2022 Mustang Mach-E is affected by the recall, Ford is responsible for inspecting it and replacing the faulty shaft at no cost to you. However, the number of recalls for this year’s model may mean you’re eligible to have your vehicle replaced or refunded through a lemon claim instead. 

Under California law, a car is considered a lemon if it spends 30 or more days in the shop for repairs due to manufacturing defects. If your vehicle has other defects or warranty issues, this newest recall may put you over that 30-day limit. If so, you have the right to request that Ford refund or replace the defective vehicle they sold you. You can find out more about whether you’re eligible for a lemon claim by checking our breakdown of state lemon law requirements.

Discuss Your Case With Johnson & Buxton — The Lemon Law Guys

The Ford Mach-E was supposed to be a revolution, but its promises haven’t held up so far. With multiple recalls and quality concerns, owners may justifiably worry that the electric vehicle they spent so much money on is a lemon. 

If you’re worried about your Mach-E, don’t wait. Get in touch with the experts at Johnson & Buxton — The Lemon Law Guys. We will help you determine if your car meets the qualifications to be a lemon and help you hold Ford accountable for poor quality and construction. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about how we can help you get your lemon fixed or refunded.

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