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Man wins $5,000 in lemon law case

A judge allowed a decision made by a California jury to stand in a case involving a vehicle won in a raffle. The man who received it claimed that it was a lemon and wanted to return to the dealer for its full cash value. Although the vehicle had a ticket price of $51,812.05, he was awarded $5,000 by the jury. This was because the man could not show that he paid that much for the vehicle.

The jury concluded that the plaintiff had paid roughly $5,000 in sales tax and registration fees. The jury did not know that the plaintiff had won the vehicle in a raffle. Instead, it relied on evidence submitted during trial to come to its conclusion. In her decision, the judge found that the verdict was lawful. She also found that the plaintiff's assertion that receiving the full ticket price for the vehicle as the only appropriate relief was flawed.

There are many ways in which a vehicle could qualify as a lemon. If the vehicle is in the shop for 30 or more days soon after taking delivery, it may be possible to claim that it is defective. It could also be labeled a lemon if there are two to four attempts to fix the same issue. The number of attempts needed to satisfy the law typically depends on the seriousness of the defect.

It is generally necessary to inform the manufacturer about the issue in a lemon law case. In the event that nothing can be done to fix the problem, an individual may be entitled to the amount paid for the vehicle. Additional damages might be available depending on the facts of a case. An attorney may assist a plaintiff in obtaining a favorable outcome.

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