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The dealer refused to repair your new car. Now what?

The excitement of swapping your old vehicle with a shiny new one is a thrill that you feel whenever you get in your car. Not all new cars function properly, however. If you’re disappointed with the vehicle’s unsafe performance, you will feel frustrated and nervous every time you get behind the wheel instead.

Normally, you could take the car back to the dealership, explain the problem and receive an offer from the dealer to repair or examine the issue, but your dealer might not be helpful. Some vehicle owners get stuck when the dealer and manufacturer disregard the issue entirely.

Why their refusal is a big problem

Without the dealer’s cooperation, you might have to pay for expensive repairs out of your own pocket. This is, of course, very unfair to consumers. A new vehicle should be sold in fully operative condition.

If your vehicle’s warranty is valid and covers the troublesome part, the manufacturer has a legal responsibility to fix or replace faulty products. Even if you have a warranty, however, the dealer might claim that the problem is normal or isn’t bad enough to repair.

Arguing with the dealer is stressful and often pointless. You will need to take a few steps before you finally get results.

Take a deep breath; you have options

As stressful as this situation is, it’s not impossible to resolve. California law still counts your visit toward the qualifications for a lemon.

You will need proof that you requested repairs, so ask the dealer for an empty dated and signed work order form before you leave. This will help you make the case that your car is faulty down the road.

Next, directly notify the manufacturer that the dealer refuses repairs. The manufacturer may encourage a stubborn dealer to honor the warranty and take a look under the hood. Keep notes and records of these conversations for later use.

If all else fails, threatening legal action can be a good way to get their attention. Some dealers and manufacturers don’t take consumers seriously until they might have to pay a steeper price – including your legal fees – for ignoring a dangerous vehicle.

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