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Rough sailing? Give your boat the Lemon Law test

You purchased a boat so that you could enjoy time out on the water, but so far it has been a nightmare. The time you would like to spend with family and friends has now been replaced with trips back and forth to the boat dealer and visits with the repair personnel to get to the bottom of your vessel’s problems.

If you’re tired of hassling with the issues plaguing your boat, maybe it’s time to give your boat the Lemon Law Test.

Is my watercraft covered?

Any water-borne vehicle bought for personal use is covered under the California Lemon Law. That means anything from a jet ski to a large yacht may qualify under the law. The boat doesn’t need to be new either. If you’re having trouble with a used boat you purchased, it may also be covered. As long as your personal watercraft was purchased with a warranty. It may qualify for a repurchase under California’s lemon law.

Does my boat’s defect create a serious safety issue?

A wide variety of problems can cause serious boating safety issues. Anything from an engine malfunction on a small yacht to a boom defect on a sailboat can put you and your sailing buddies in a precarious situation out on the water.

Do any of these statements match my situation?

• The problem with my boat negatively impacts its usefulness, value, performance and safety.

• The authorized repair shop has not been able to fully resolve the problem, even after multiple attempts.

• The problem with my boat is covered under my boat warranty.

• There’s a safety recall on my boat, but the authorized dealer hasn’t fixed it yet.

A legal team focused on the Lemon Law can help you get a replacement or compensation for your defective vessel. Soon, you could be enjoying the smooth sailing of an operational boat instead of being landlocked because your boat is continually in the repair shop.

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